From Chicago, the city that introduced House music to the world, Joey Figueroa began his DJ career at an early age as House and other underground club music began to spread throughout the world.  With a deep passion for music and DJing, his drive opened opportunities to DJ and explore new musical genres in numerous locales throughout the world, including Tokyo (Japan), Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo (Brazil), Spain, and at home including San Francisco, Miami, San Juan Puerto Rico, and Chicago.  

From his start, Joey has been immersed in various styles of music such as disco, classical, Latin, and modern dance music.  During his early days, he has been inspired by the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Farley "Jackmaster" Funk, Ralphi Rosario, Julian "Jumpin" Perez, Steve "Silk" Hurley, Edward "Get Down" Crosby, Andy "Mix'n" Moy, Mark Imperial, John Curley and the vibrant sounds of 102.7 FM (WMBX), 107.5 FM (WGCI) and 89.3 FM (WNUR).  In 1986, he began his tutelage on the turntables, starting his early music career mixing at underground parties, events and other venues on Chicago's North Side.  Soon after, he started learning the essentials to producing house-music fueled by the energy and heartbeat of Chicago.  His performances continued and expanded, taking him to university towns throughout the Midwest, and live performances in Florida for spring break.   

Over the years, Joey continued to expand and refine his musical approach. Moving to the Bay Area, Joey established residencies in San Francisco while keeping strong ties with Chicago.  He continues to evolve his musical artistry through travel and immersion in numerous cultures. Joey still cherishes his roots in his hometown, where artists like Paul Johnson, Lego, Derrick Carter, Diz, DJ Sneak, Cajmere, Green Velvet, Jesse Dela Pena, Mark Grant, DJ Sneak, Colette, CZR, and DJ Heather, continue to give him a source of inspiration. With a growing demand for his sound, Joey continues to support the dance scene on a regular basis with various styles of music such as House, Salsa, Bossa Nova, Samba, Batucada, Reggaeton, Dancehall and Hip Hop.  In October 2007, Joey made Barcelona Spain one of his homes, while he maintains residencies at top venues in San Francisco and Chicago.  

Joey is a rare breed being able to seamlessly deliver the sounds of House, Hip-Hop, and other genres of music in one evening! Keep a look out in the near future, as he introduces you to his unique sound of music! Mad Musique……